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About Us

Subic Homes, Inc. is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Pragmatic Group of Companies. Having over 30 years of experience in the field of construction and real estate development, Pragmatic Development and Construction Company is a AAA- certified general contractor and is the proud developer of the following quality projects:

  • Classica Tower (Salcedo Village, Makati City)
  • Classica Manor (Addition Hills, San Juan, Metro Manila)
  • Classica I Condominium (Salcedo Village, Makati City)
  • North Susana Executive Village (Commonwealth Ave., Quezon City)

We are also proud to be the general contractor for the following projects:

  • West Dryden Town Homes (Glendale, CA, USA)
  • Ecology Village and Ecoville Town Homes (Makati City, Philippines)
  • History

    After the American Navy returned the Subic Bay Naval Base to the Philippine Government in 1991, the former officer's housing facilities had fallen into great disrepair. Paint was peeling off the buildings, walls and ceilings were collapsing and the houses were no longer habitable. The houses one could choose from only fell into two categories: bad and worse.

    Visitors to the Freeport, as well as locators and investors in the newly developed Freeport and Tourism zone were crying out for better housing options. And so, in late 1996, Subic Homes, Inc. was established to respond to the need for quality housing facilities in the Subic Bay Freeport.

    The first major event, which occurred only a few weeks after Subic Homes was founded, was the APEC Summit. In just a matter of days, Subic Homes had to make over 100 units ready for various members of the Press and Philippine government who would be in Subic to witness the historic APEC Summit. A great deal of work had to be done overtime just to accommodate the numerous visitors who would be in Subic for that Summit. We're proud to say that we met our deadline!

    We have come a long way since then. After large-scale renovations and countless improvements and investments in the property, units that were barely "habitable" when we began, we have now been transformed into inviting, comfortable, and well-furnished houses catering to locators, investors, tourists, families and retirees who love Subic Homes so much. Some of them have even decided to make it their home too.

  • Mission / Vision


    To become the "first choice" residential option for Subic Locators and visitors by offering the most comfortable and best maintained residential units in Subic Bay Freeport complemented by the friendliest and most efficient lessee services at competitive prices.


    Subic Homes aims to be the premiere residential community in the Subic Bay Freeport.

  • Our Advantage

    Whether you stay the Subic Homes for just a day or for many years, you will definitely notice why you should stay with us rather than the other housing outfits in the SBMA. While in Subic Homes, take note of the following:


    Subic Homes is the ideal location within the Freeport. With the best of Subic's natural beauty at your doorstep, and the benefits of modern living only a ten-minute drive away, you enjoy the best of both worlds.

    Imagine being surrounded by large, green trees, listening to wild, colorful birds in your garden, and breathing fresh air as you step outside your house. Imagine traveling nimbly within the city on neat roads to banks, offices, shopping centers, the airport and the many wonderful attractions Subic Bay has to offer.


    Subic Homes provides unrivalled support services, and maintains staff within the complex to respond immediately to your needs:

    • » Full office staff for documentation and administrative requirements
    • » Well-trained maintenance staff (electricians, technicians, plumbers, etc.) for regular maintenance and any emergencies
    • » Groundskeeping staff for upkeep of common areas

    You can easily contact our Customer Service staff from your unit.


    For tourists, we guarantee that whenever you check into Subic Homes, your unit will be sparkling clean. Our friendly, competent and efficient housekeepers see to that!

    For lessees, we provide a Housekeeper Referral Service to help you find your very own in-house domestic staff.


    All Subic Homes units are renovated and fully maintained so that each customer will enjoy the same experience at any given time.


    All Subic Homes units are very spacious and comfortable, designed to please both tourists and lessees alike. Units range from 138 to 169 sqm.

    Tourists can look forward to the usual amenities of a hotel (e.g. hot water, cable TV, etc.), PLUS additional features such as:

    • » Your own Kitchen. And we even provide complete cooking and dining utensils to really make you feel at home!
    • » A Service Quarter and Bathroom. So your maid, "yaya" or driver will also be comfortable.
    • » Centralized Air-Conditioning throughout the unit.
    • » Attached single-vehicle garage in every unit.

    Enjoy your stay at Subic Homes, relishing your space in the company of your family and friends.

  • Who stays with us


  • Korean — 46.96%
  • Japanese — 21.55%
  • American — 12.71%
  • Filipino — 12.15%
  • Chinese — 1.66%
  • British — 1.66%
  • Taiwanese — 1.10%
  • German — 1.10%
  • Italian — 0.55%
  • Australian — 0.55%


  • Philippines — 68%
  • Foreign Retirees — 23%
  • Foreign Non-retirees — 9%

  • Second Home/Vacation Home — 73%
  • Residence — 27%


  • Philippines — 90%
  • Others — 10%
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